What if leads to Universe saying YES.

I share Laurie’s thoughts on that “nagging feeling,” and I love that she’s taken a leap onto her very own creativity train. GO LAURIE!!

Between The Weeds

Yesterday I shared a post I found online about some of the things you may or may not know about Etsy. If you are a creative artist you probably have heard about this market place called Etsy. What you may not have heard is they are not the best place for creative artists to showcase their work. This is why I posted the great info yesterday. This year instead of my sales increasing I have seen a huge drop in sales at Etsy. From what I can gather I am not the only shop owner feeling this way. This brings me to why am I even wasting my time writing this here?

For several months I had a nagging feeling. Something was not right. Something is not what it seems. We all know the feeling and how many times do you listen? I can only answer from my point of…

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