That’s what my friend, Jenesse Aurandt, wrote on the inside cover of “Bird By Bird,” an instructional book on writing by Anne Lamott. It would be my last birthday gift from her. Four months later, in 2007, she passed away from breast cancer.

I’ve copied that inscription onto the card below, and I keep it beside me when I’m working.


A few months prior to that birthday, Jenesse told me – in no uncertain terms – that I was a writer. Oh, I scoffed in a big way, but she insisted and went so far as to have me promise to write a book one day. I made that promise, and I eventually kept it.

I don’t know what made her say that to me, but I do know that I wouldn’t have pursued any of this had she not. The gift of a passionate path. < sigh > My gratitude is beyond immeasurable.

Leana & Jenesse_edited-4

I now use “Go Write It” as a metaphor for life. We all have a story to tell through our own personal journeys. It’s my mission to inspire others to find their path and to encourage them to pursue it with all the love and passion that I’ve been blessed to discover thanks to this amazing woman.

I write words, because they bring me joy. I share them to honor the memory of a friend.

Thanks for stopping by.

P1000602Leana Delle is an RN with a background in Critical Care and heart transplantation. She earned her BS in Organizational Development from Bethel University in McKenzie, TN and completed her studies in creative writing through Southern Methodist University (SMU) in Dallas, TX, where she is an alumna of their New York Seminar.

Leana is author of the Amazon bestselling novel, “Control Switch.”

Visit her online at http://www.leanadelle.com


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Interesting that you received a degree from Bethel. I actually live in a little town not too far from there. I look forward to reading your work 🙂

  2. Have you read “Talk Before Sleep” by Elizabeth Berg? It came to mind when I read this tribute to your friend. I look forward to reading your book.

  3. Hi there Leana,
    I noticed that you post your blog both here and on your own website. I am also considering doing something similar with my business blog, and wondered how you achieved this. Do you have a ‘mirror’ tool or do you have to recreate the posts manually?
    Thanks for your advice!

    • I actually recreate it manually. Certainly not the ideal, but . . . It’s the good old cut & paste approach.

      Heading to Bordeaux in a few weeks. Any “must sees” from your perspective? And thanks for your advice, too!

      • Thanks Leana! For Bordeaux, although I’ve not spent a lot of time there, was recently there for a couple of hours and visited the fish market – historic and quite fun. http://marchedescapucins.com/ Also nearby is the Dune de Pilat (massive sand dunes) in Arcachon, but it depends how much time you have and whether you have a car. Bon voyage!

  4. From that dimly festive lit corner balcony on Craig Henry, with the warm summer breezes and good wine to the heart of Texas. Wow! Just wow.
    I remember that conversation, “should I do it? ” I replied, why not, what have you got to lose?”. Then his camper pulled up and you were gone on a journey.
    We had good times and great conversations. Your a fascinating women’s itch some much zest for life. Good for you Leana!

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